Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We had orientation Monday and last night to get prepared for today, the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! Yeah, Me!! The house is QUIET today. Everybody was very excited to go to school. No one had to be asked twice to get up---we'll see how getting up for school is two months from now! We said goodbye to Elyse after our annual "First Day of School Photos", as she got on the bus, then shortly loaded the rest up and off we went. I dropped everyone off with big smiles today. I can't wait to hear about their first day tonight.

The kids have been doing well--learning a little more English every day. They have been doing the Rosetta Stone online computer program for English as well as a local place where I take them once a week for tutoring, and then we are doing English lessons at home almost every day.

All six children get along and like each other. The boys have liked playing some video games with Alex--I believe they think they've moved from Ukraine to Video Game Heaven! Alina enjoys dressing up, coloring, listening to kids music in her room, singing, clunking around in dress-up shoes, and playing with Addie and Elyse.

Last week we went to a county fair, looked at a lot of animals, rode rides, and had ice cream.

Last weekend we enjoyed the day with some friends in Michigan at their home with a lovely cook-out. We spent the afternoon at Lake Michigan and the kids loved the BIG waves that were there. They also were all buried in the sand!

This weekend we went camping in Michigan. We have a camper that we took. We took our bicycles (8 bikes plus 2 pull-behind bikes--Yuri and Alina can't go very far for very long yet). Ruslan LOVES to ride his bike! He's crashed several times, gets a band aid, and takes off again on his bike. We enjoyed the beach at the camp ground, playground, and biking for ice cream.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!


josie said...

that is awesome! i am sure the quiet was awesome too :)

josie said...

btw its erin... forgot to sign my name

Aunt Paige said...

Loved the photos! Hope the first day of school was a delight (and that you enjoyed your peace and quiet). When do we get to meet our new great-nephews and great-niece?

Anonymous said...

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Alyssa Weiler said...

So glad its going well--I think of you and your family often! We need to set up a time to visit!

josie said...

ok, update time!

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